Various Reasons Your Business Requires Protection Insurance

When you own a business, you know that there are many things you have to do. You never know when something worse happens to you. It does not matter the nature of the business you run; it is bound to suffer from disasters. It is no surprise that many businesses do not live to see their first anniversary. Therefore, there is a need to consider business protection. These are the important areas of your business that require protection.

Intellectual Property

The truth is that you have an idea you want to bring to fruition. Thus, before you even design a website or purchase raw materials, you need to protect your idea. Remember that your intellectual property can be stolen. It is advisable to protect your intellectual property to ensure your competitors do not steal your ideas.

Business Buildings

business insuranceYou have to ensure your workplace is safe and secure. That is because if an accident occurs on the property, you might be liable to injury claims. You may be surprised to learn that many businesses become bankrupt when their premises are destroyed. Therefore, there is a need to have robust protection for your premises. Other than getting the right insurance policy, you need to secure the business in various ways. Whenever the building is not in use, it should be locked down.

Your Benefits

You understand the role you play in running the business. What happens if you suffer from injury or illness? When that happens, things can happen quite quickly. Thus, you need to get business protection that covers you when you cannot work anymore. Most businesses seek standard business protection but get stuck when the business owner is no longer able to work.

Cash Flow

business protectionAs you know, money is quite important to any given business. The truth is that cash flow is quite important than profits. You might run a business for many years without profit, but you cannot do without a profit. Since you want your business to grow, you need to be adaptable, innovative, and flexible. In fact, the world is moving at a fast pace, and if you cannot catch up, you end up losing money and opportunities.

Natural Disasters

If you do not insure your business against natural disasters, it can end up being destroyed during a disaster. Without financial backup for replacements or repairs, it will become challenging to get back on your feet.

Everything to Know Before Taxation

tax report

This mad rush occurs somewhere around April. Well, at a personal level, tax services can be quite straightforward and direct. For individuals and businesses with a load of income generating activities, preparing and filing their tax returns can be quite challenging. In this case, one needs to walk with professionals that offer tax preparation services. There are many types of tax preparing professional and tax preparation services today. What are the services provided by these different tax-planning professional?

Tax Preparation Services

This is one of the most common services provided by tax planning professionals. Ideally, this service entails preparation and filing returns. There are many types of tax preparation professionals in the market today. These service providers range from small companies with certified professionals to huge corporations with experienced accountants. As such, it is advisable to observe maximum precaution when choosing tax preparers. Work with a certified professional that is well versed with tax codes.


There are many levels and types of tax preparation. But the Certified Public Account (CPA) is the most common type of certification. A CPA should have a degree in accounting, and should take annual classes for recertification to ensure that are well versed with new tax laws. Besides, a CPA can also offer business, financial and tax planning advice.

Tax Attorneys

Attorneys can choose to specialize in a particular area of the law. Some of them can opt to specialize in tax law. As such, tax lawyers help their clients deal with tax disputes, creating tax shelters and do paperwork for huge corporations. When looking for a tax attorney, it is advisable to confirm with the bar association about the qualifications of the attorney in question.

Enrolled Agents

The role played by enrolled agents is quite different from that offered by CPAs. Ideally, enrolled agents are individuals certified by IRS to represent taxpayers. However, these professional do not have a set training course or area of training, but they have to pass a certification exam. As such, their primary role is to provide their clients in making tax audits, investigation and can help in preparation of tax returns.

Before choosing a particular tax-planning professional, it is advisable to determine your needs fist. If you need a straightforward return, you should consider working with a CPA. Besides, for tax issues that have legal implications, you can talk to a tax attorney. Each tax professional does his role within the confines of their specialization.

Tips On How To Apply For Cash Cards


With the advancement of technology, everything can be done online. This includes the application of cash cards. Umay Plus cash card application  is as easy as entering your details and filling an online form. However, it takes a lot to get your cash card approved. Here are ways you can apply for a cash card and get it approved.

Knowing your credit core

cardsBefore a cash card company decides to issue you with a cash card, they will first have to put your credit score into consideration. Different banks classify peoples’ credit scores differently based on different factors. Therefore, if you know that your credit history is not that good, it is advisable that you put it aside for sometimes before you can apply for a cash card. In the meantime, you can do things that will make your credit score to rise. You can start by ensuring that you make your payments on time, avoiding new debts and ensuring that your balances are low on your current credit cards.

Reduce your debt

Do you know that banks use 30% of how much you owe to determine your credit score? This means that if you have high credit balances, you will have low credit scores. Your credit utilization ratio should also be below 30%. The credit utilization ratio is the ratio of your balance to your credit limit. If you want to lower your credit utilization, you will have to ensure that you lower the balance on your credit card. You can do this by paying down all your credit balances.

Avoid first offers

Having a low credit score means that getting approved for a large sign-up bonus will be difficult. You should, therefore, avoid applying for credit cards if you are not sure you will qualify. This is because each application will be reflected on your credit report. You should only apply for a card with offers that you are sure fits your credit profile.

Show your income

cards and phone Although your credit score is used to determine whether you qualify to be issued with a cash card, still, lenders need to know your income. Your income is very important to card companies and banks since they use it to determine your debt-to-income ratio. To increase your qualification for a card, you need to lower your debt-to-income ratio. You can do this by increasing your income or lowering your debt.


Seven Reasons To Consider Using Safex Coins


Unless you have been living on another planet, you must have seen or read news about how Safex coins are gaining popularity. The value of Safex coins has been steadily rising, and experts predict that its value will rise by over 2000% shortly. Keep browsing to learn more about why you should invest in Safex coins.



Unlike bitcoin and other digital currencies, Safex coins will conceal your identity. Yes, you heard me right! You can now transfer the coins over the chilled blockchain. Gone are the heydays when you had to worry about criminals, hackers and overzealous governments. And that is not all. Safe exchange coins will also assist you to hide proceeds from creditors, employees or even spouses for many reasons.


Paperless and stress less

You cannot compare Safex coins with paper money or bank notes. The primary reason is that the World is trying as much as possible to adopt the paperless currency. With the ever-rising insecurity, nobody wants to walk around with millions. When you invest in safe exchange coins, you will be secure even when walking in the streets.


Value Increascoines

Those who invest in Safex coins are smart because its value is predicted to rise significantly. The chances that those who invest in safe exchange coins will advance are very high compared to those who depreciate the digital currency. So if you have been looking for an option to invest your hard earned cash, you can consider Safex coins.


No inflation

Inflation is a problem in many developing countries. Central banks inflate their currency to try and stay afloat. Even in the U.S, some contend that the rate of inflation is higher than the consumer price index shows. With Safex coins, you don’t have to worry about inflation because it’s not regulated by any government.


Easier to trade

Using Safe exchange coins will without any doubt raise your revenue. When you place your business to get money from those living in other countries, you diversify to reduce the chances of economic variations in your area. You will generate more revenue opportunities because you will be dealing with clients from around the world.


Faster reception of funds

When doing international transactions, you might be forced to wait for several days or weeks before the funds reflect in your bank account. However, when dealing with Safex coins, you will receive funds in your Safex wallet within a few minutes. Dealing with the normal currency is like sending a letter through snail mail while trading with Safe exchange coins is like sending an email.


No chargebacks

By using Safex coins, you can prevent the fraud that comes with chargebacks. In some cases, clients will purchase products and use them, then request a full refund for some false reason. Most businessmen have to bear the cost in the end. By accepting Safex coins, you won’t have to worry about chargebacks from clients. It’s a no-brainer that a good business refunds you when their products fail to meet your expectations. However, its worth noting that you are not supposed to give a chargeback when you think trickery is involved.

Choosing The Perfect Mortgage Lender

big house

If you are looking for the best mortgage, there are a lot of special things you are required to consider. First, when you are looking for the best mortgage, make sure that you determine your personal needs first. This is because there are a lot of different types of the mortgage lender to choose from. Therefore, after you have determined your need, it will be easier for you to know some of the crucial qualities to consider.

Also, when you are choosing a mortgage lender, it is your duty to ensure that you choose the best mortgage lender.  Therefore, before you make any decision concerning the best mortgage lender to choose, ensure that you have researched a lot. The following therefore are some tips to put into consideration when you are choosing the perfect mortgage lender.

Selecting a mortgage lender

Ask questions

woman on call

It is important to ask questions when you are choosing your best mortgage lender. You need to ask more concerning their services to make sure that you get quality services after you have made your selection. Make sure that you prepare for some of the questions you will ask the lenders. If you some of the lenders you are interested in does not satisfy you, then consider other different lenders.

Look for a variety

When you are looking for the perfect mortgage lenders, it is recommended to consider checking on the variety of lenders that are available. There are many lenders that have different and best lending options. Therefore, you are advised to consider the best lenders that have the best options that will satisfy your needs. Therefore, make sure that you consider this option if you want to choose the perfect mortgage lender.

The rates

This is another important component you need to remember when you are choosing your mortgage lender. Consider the mortgage with the lowest rates. This is because you will be required to pay your mortgage back. Also, if you want to choose the best mortgage, make sure that it has competitive rates. This will help you to choose the best mortgage that will meet your requirements.


It is also essential to consider talking to your friends or family members concerning mortgage lenders. You may happen to find some of your friends who know these lenders. They will, therefore, advise you to choose the best mortgage lender that they will recommend. Therefore, it is important to talk to your friends concerning mortgage lenders before you make your final decision. Listen to their suggestions first before you make your conclusion.

Mortgage brokers

key and houseAnother way to find the best mortgage lenders is by considering mortgage brokers. This is because they may offer a wide variety of options that are likely to meet your mortgage needs. That is why you are recommended to consider them before you make any selection. Therefore, by considering the above tips, you will choose the best mortgage lender.

3 things you should know about renters insurance

broken house

Many unexpected things can happen at home. Some of this incidences might lead to damage to your belongings, bodily injuries, or even some financial consequences. Before the worst happens, it is advisable to get a renter insurance. Ideally, this is an insurance policy meant to protect you and your belongings. It also helps you in case your home becomes temporarily uninhabitable. Having this insurance helps take care of those unfortunate events like break-ins that are out of your control.

What does a renters insurance cover?

Personal property

holding a mini house

Everything you own has some value. It can be easy to tell about the value of your belongings just by doing some math. You might imagine the effects of losing some of these valuables and the financial responsibility that would come after that. It is always not easy. Having a renter’s insurance coverage lets you address the cost of replacing your valuables in case it is unexpectedly damaged or stolen. In most instances, this insurance policy covers perils like theft and fire.

When purchasing this policy, you might be required to look at the coverage limits. This is informed by the value of your belongings. Most people go for coverage that protects the most valuable things. However, some things like jewelry require special coverage, which is not often defined in a standard coverage. It is important to work with a insurance agent who will help you know better about the type of coverage offered and whether or not you need special coverage.

Liability coverage

car accident with treeThis type of coverage is meant to help you pay someone in case you injure them or damage their property. This hardly happens, but when it does, it will certainly affect you in many ways. Imagine dropping a shoe from your window only to damage your neighbor’s vehicle. A renters insurance with liability coverage might help you deal with some of these costs. As with any other insurance policy, it does have limits. It up to you to get a limit that fits your needs.

Additional living expenses

If you have rented a home, you are assured of having a place you call until your tenancy expires. Things can be different if a hurricane or fire damage the rented home to the extent that you are not able to live in it. This insurance policy can help you deal with some or all additional costs. This includes things like hotel costs and costs on foodstuffs among other things. Again, the amount you will get depends on the coverage offered by the policy.

Direct Debit – What Makes It Unique And Different From Debit Cards?

holding card


It would seem that banks are regularly coming up with new ways for us to conduct our financial transactions. From the paper checks and credit cards to the ATM cards, debit cards, and ACH electronic transfers, we’ve always had reliable means of paying our bills and transferring our money. Of course, with each new method comes a special set of regulations and fees passed on to account merchants and holders.

A smart businessman or an account user will know how to fully take advantage of any new system. But to do that, they need to know the characteristics and the features of a certain system. The purpose of this article is to cover the direct debit system, which has quickly become one of the most popular payment systems in the world. Therefore, if you are not quite familiar with it, stick with us. Additionally, you could also check Debit Direct, if you need a good direct debit advice or some extra info.

The basics of Direct Debit

man working on laptopThis payment method is undoubtedly one of the easiest methods of deducting a payment straight from a user’s bank account. While it is based on a premise of a paper check, it takes it to a whole new level, thanks to its electronic means of transfer. Simply put, with a direct debit, you will not have to write paper checks ever again. Your clients and customers will simply give you the permission to collect your debts and payments by taking funds directly from the savings or checking accounts and transferring them to your account.

Typically, direct debit is used for regular transactions or auto-recurring billing, such as energy bills or monthly rents. With it, a customer does not have to write checks each month, and they only have to provide a single written permission to allow funds being withdrawn from the account.

Key differences between a Direct Debit transaction and a Debit Card Transaction

Now, since Direct Debit and Debit cards function similarly, you might be confused as to what are differences. Each method authorizes a money transfer from the user’s account and, from a customer’s point of view, they are the same.

However, from a business’ point of view, they are quite different. The transactions themselves are conducted via different networks, while the processing charges are also different too.

Debit card

A debit card transaction will require a business owner to obtain a special business account and to sign a long-term contract. Additionally, they will be required to pay a certain fee to open an account. These transactions are typically processed via the same network as credit card ones, and deposited to a business owner’s account, but without a flat commission. This lack of a flat commission is also known as a discount rate, which is usually lower as opposed to credit card transactions.

Direct debit

laptop On the other hand, the Direct Debit method utilizes the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network, to move funds from one account to the other. With it, you can also use your standard business checking account too. But first, you will have to sign a contract with an institution that will manage the ACH transactions. In most cases, this is not a long-term commitment. There is not an initial fee, but you will have to pay a fee for every transaction. Fortunately, this is usually a flat fee, which is quite low and which does not depend on the size of the transaction.

Beginner’s Guide To Managing Your Money Effectively

calculator pen and paper

Even though all of us learn very vital lessons from our education system, the system never teaches us on how we can manage our money. You will encounter an individual who is very skillful in whatever they do, but they will commit both major and minor mistakes in the process of managing their money. Everybody is aware of the financial crisis that is facing the world. Considering all these factors, it is about time that we look at the tips that one should use to manage their finances more especially if it is now that they are starting to earn.

Guide to managing your earnings

Understand your flow of income

wallet with coinsAnother important thing is to understand the flow of one’s income. You should establish your true income. In this case, the true income is the pay that you have minus all the other deduction. The deductions include tax, pension, and other compulsory deductions. If you are under self-employment or into business, you are supposed to pay yourself and discipline yourself to live within that salary. Make sure that all your budgeting is drawn from the net income. Therefore you should know that for you to manage your resources properly, you should know the actual income that you have.

Set up a budget

The most important tip that one is supposed to put into consideration is the setting up of a budget. You are also advised to strictly stick to it. The best rule that you should adhere to here is to spend less than you earn. The one advantage of having a budget is that it will enable you to track all your spending. For instance, you will know what you spend money on, on a daily basis. Here it will be paramount that you do away with the small routine expenditures.


Manage your account actively

You will be surprised to learn that some individuals don’t know what goes on with their bank accounts. As a new earner, you are supposed to keep all the records of the money you deposit into your bank account and the money that you withdraw from it. At the end of the month, be sure to ascertain that what you have in your bank account, tallies with what you have in your calculation. If there is a place you are not able to explain your expenditure, do not hesitate to contact your bank.

Start saving

Since you have a budget in place, you can track your daily and monthly expenditure, and you are probably spending less than you earn it is about time you start saving. Be sure to keep a savings account so that whenever you receive your salary, or any earnings if you are a business man, be sure to put some portion away for savings. The easiest way to save is by giving standing orders to your bank to transfer your savings to a designated account ones your salary account is credited.coins and clock


If you invest part of your salary or savings, you are committing your money to work for you. Use some portion of your savings to make a small and regular investment.

By putting the above tips into practice, you will be amazed at how quickly you will gain financial freedom.

TR35 Colombia

mios TR35 Colombia

El MIT galardona a los diez jóvenes colombianos más innovadores con los premios TR35 Colombia

El Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts (MIT), a través de su revista Technology Review, llega a Colombia con el objetivo de reconocer el trabajo de los diez innovadores más destacados menores de 35 años.

Los premios TR35 Colombia

El Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts (MIT), a través de su revista Technology Review, busca cada año, desde hace más de una década, a los jóvenes innovadores menores de 35 años más destacados del mundo para otorgarles los premios TR35.TR35 Colombia

Este año, Technology Review en español convoca la primera edición de los premios TR35 Colombia. El objetivo es encontrar trabajos fascinantes, inspiradores y nuevos capaces de revolucionar el mundo de la tecnología y los negocios en un futuro próximo.

Los premios abarcan un amplio abanico de sectores de actividad, desde la biotecnología, el desarrollo de nuevos materiales, energía, software, transporte e Internet entre otros.

Buscamos a personas cuya labor en cualquiera de estas áreas suponga una gran promesa de desarrollo de cara a las próximas décadas.

Nuestro objetivo es reconocer el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías o la aplicación creativa de las ya existentes para resolver los problemas actuales. Queremos recompensar* el trabajo creativo, original y relevante no sólo para la industria en la que se enmarca, sino para la sociedad en su conjunto.

Para saber qué tipo de proyectos pueden ser merecedores de un premio, se pueden consultar los perfiles de los ganadores de la pasada edición de los premios TR35 Spain 2011 aquí.

* Los premios TR35 no conllevan remuneración económica. Los galardones otorgan prestigio, contactos para el desarrollo del proyecto y la posibilidad de formar parte de una comunidad internacional.

Anteriores ganadores de TR35 Global

David Kobia Mark Zuckerberg Sergey Brin Danah Boyd
Ushahidi, 2010 Facebook, 2007 Google, 2002 Microsoft, 2010

Qué significa ser TR35 Colombia

Los premios TR35 han consolidado un gran prestigio internacional y son una herramienta perfecta para descubrir jóvenes talentos con grandes proyectos de innovación.

El único requisito para poder optar a un galardón es que el candidato sea menor de 35 años en la fecha de entrega de los premios. Se buscan jóvenes colombianos o residentes en Colombia que, cumpliendo esa premisa y, mediante el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías o la aplicación creativa de las ya existentes, destaquen de forma considerable en su área de investigación y sean una promesa para el futuro.

Los aspirantes pueden desarrollar su trabajo en universidades, centros de investigación públicos o privados, negocios emergentes o grandes compañías, entre otras instituciones o empresas. No pueden proponerse a sí mismos sino que han de ser expertos en sus áreas de conocimiento o personas de su ámbito profesional o académico quienes presenten sus candidaturas. Puedes proponer a tu candidato aquí.

Un panel de jueces seleccionará entre los candidatos a los diez jóvenes innovadores con proyectos más destacados. Entre estos diez ganadores se concederán además otros dos galardones: Innovador del Año e Innovador Solidario del Año.

Javier García Martínez, premio TR35 Global, en la presentación de la primera edición de los premios TR35 Spain.

Si tienes alguna duda puedes consultar nuestra sección preguntas frecuentes o ponerte en contacto con el departamento de competiciones: [email protected]

Los medios de comunicación y periodistas pueden ponerse en contacto con el departamento de prensa: [email protected]

Nomina Colombia

13 de febrero de 2012
Lanzamiento TR35 Colombia.

16 de abril de 2012
Fecha límite de presentación de candidatos.

Julio de 2012
Ceremonia de entrega de premios.
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